Apple for Energy

apple energy

Here we are not talking about expensive apple product, we are talking about natural and original “Apple”, its very cheap and very healthy Fruit. If you are feeling tired, feeling low energy and you don’t want to eat any high sugar fruit then APPLE is a perfect Energy Fruit for you. Its boost up to you and gives you freshness. Apart from that it has other benefits like:

Reduce cholesterol, Beat diarrhea and constipation, Make your Heart healthier, Curb all sorts of cancers, Neutralize irritable bowel syndrome, Prevent gallstones, whiter and healthier teeth, Prevent cataracts, Avert hemorrhoids, Detoxify your liver, Boost your immune system, Protect against Parkinson’s, Decrease your risk of diabetes, Control your weight.
And most important thing to remember “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

You have some another ways to get restore your energy
Give rest to the mind: Your brain has the limit, its good to relax some time and rest to your always working mind.
Sunlight: Sunlight is good source of natural energy booster.
Green tea: Tea is not healthy for the health but green tea is good option for boost up your self.

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