Avengers Infinity War Super Hero Information


As we know our Favorite Avengers Infinity war movie is about to release in next few days, so here I am giving you some information about our Marvel’s super Heroes. This Movie is the third movie in Avengers series, its previous movies was “Avengers”, “Avengers age of ultron”. This infinity war is not the last movie of Avengers series, we will get second part of Infinity war movie in 2019. However this Avengers Infinity movie is full of surprises, as we know we will see more than 30 super hero  in this movie, you will see Guardian of galaxy’s Star cast as well in this movie. We will also see some Super Heroes death as well. Yes, super villain Thanos will kill some of our Super Heroes.

Avengers Infinity War is going to Release on 27th April 2018 in world wide, more than 20 different languages.

Here I am giving you Some short description about Super Hero of this Movie, Some Strengths of our Super Hero. All information is collected from around the web and some of my observation from marvel movies.

Captain America

  • Super Human
  • Suspended Aging
  • Super Healing
  • Team Leader
  • Bullet Proof, Fire-Resistant Armor
  • Shield which made by Vibranium (Most powerful and unbreakable Metal)

Iron Man

  • Flying and Super Armor
  • Powerful own Operating System
  • ARC reactor in Chest(Power Supplier)
  • Expert in man to man fight
  • Genius and Billionaire


  • Super Human
  • Super Hard Skin (No Weapon can harm)
  • He can Jump a Mile
  • He Can Survive in any Condition on any planet
  • He can destroy anything from one punch

Hawk Eye

  • Perfect Shooter
  • Varieties in his Arrow and bow
  • He can Compete with any Super Villain


  • Super Human (Asgardian)
  • Suspended Aging
  • Super Healing
  • Super Hammer and Axe
  • God of Lightning

Dr. Strange

  • Magic
  • Universal Source
  • Intangibility
  • Mystic Bolts
  • Control on multiple dimensions
  • Time Manipulation
  • Divine Sources

Spider Man

  • Super Human
  • Extrasensory sense
  • Super reflexes
  • Wall crawling
  • Shoot Spider Web from Wrist


  • Superhuman Intelligence
  • Nanite body
  • Density manipulation
  • He can Fly
  • Solar Radiation manipulation
  • Shield which made by Vibranium (Most powerful and unbreakable Metal)
  • Has Powerful Mind Stone

Scarlet Witch

  • Energy Protection
  • She Control anyone Minds
  • She Can control/move object from her Mind
  • Fighting Skills

Star Lord

  • Peak Human Strength
  • Human/Spartoi Hybrid
  • Longevity
  • Martial Artist
  • Spaceship Pilot
  • Universal Knowledge


  • Size Addition
  • Plasticity
  • Super Healing
  • Superhuman Strength and Durability
  • Healing Power
  • Control trees and plants
  • Fire Resistance

This  is not the end, We will see more super heroes in Avengers infinity war i.e. Black Panther,  Rhodes / War Machine, Bucky Barnes / White Wolf, Loki, Mantis, Drax etc

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