Fair Skin | Easy and Effective Ways to Get

bright skin

Here I am telling you some really easy and effective ways to get Fair Skin, You can make your Skin more Fair and Bright. All are Natural way, neither costly nor any side effect. Just easy and simple tips.


Lemon is very popular as a scrubber, just about half a lemon on your face regularly will help lighten your skin. This is one of the very simplest and effective way to bright your skin very easy and quickly, You will see the results in 10 days.


Just Apply curd on your face regularly and keep it for 15 minutes. Curd is an lactic acid, a natural alpha hydroxy acid, it will improve your Skin tone. You can Apply Curd with Honey, It will be more effective and you will see the difference in your Skin in just one week, you need to do this daily, do it twice in 24 hours for more fast and better results. Some People mix Curd, Honey and Eggs too, if you dont have any problem with Eggs, then you can mix Egg too.


As you Read Above, you can apply Curd with Honey on your skin, Honey is really effective Natural Medicine, it heals your Face very gently and quickly, You can Apply Honey on your face for 10-15 Minutes and then Wash your Face from Cold Water. You can apply Hone on your face with Lemon. Honey with Papaya is also very effective way to make your skin fair, Just mash Papaya and Mix some honey in it and apply on the face, Keep it for 20 Minutes. Do this daily for 10 Days and you will see how effective is that.


Rose Water is also an easy, simple and cheap way to get Fair Skin, just Apply Rose water daily on your face, try to wash your face from Rose Water and Don’t use any soap or face wash and you will be really happy with its result.


Aloe Vera is really Great for your Skin, It will just not only bright your skin, it will make it smooth, it will remove dark spots and dark circles too. Take a Aloe Vera Leaf and cut it, now take its inner part(mush) and apply it on your skin very smoothly, keep it for 15-20 Minutes and then Just wash your Face. Do this daily and it will give you really great Skin in just 10-15 Days. Aloe Vera is also heal the burned Skins.


Tomato is also natural and very cheap way to use on your Face, this vegetable is not only healthy for eating, its also a good resource to bright and toned your Skin. Take Half tomato and squeeze it and mix some drops of fresh Lemon Juice, apply it on your Face and keep it for 20 Minutes then just wash it from plain and cold water, You will realize its working great for you. Its also helpful to remove your Acne Mark from Your Face.

Protect Your Skin

Change your Routine, Fixed your schedule, Daily Exercise, it will Bring Natural Glow on your Skin. Drink lots of water, water is a really Important for us, its make our Skin more bright and smoother. Protect Your Skin from Dangerous Sunlight, use Suns-cream, whenever you to outside in a day, Specially in Summer, You can buy any SPF Cream which is best for your Skin type, to apply on your Skin. Eat Healthy food, Avoid Junk food, Ignore Spicy and Fried Food. Wash your Face regularly(3 times in a day) from a good Face wash or Soap.


All those are just natural way to get make your skin fair and glower, you can get many other creams and products from chemist store, but that could give you side effect and it could be expensive for you. Those tips was asked from people who have already used that. Different people has different types of skins, so choose wisely and select which way is suitable and effective way for your Skin Type.

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