Smartphones Disadvantages/cons

disadvantages of mobile phones

Hey! Let me check my pocket My phone is vibrating, I think I got the message, but I did not receive any message there. Its happened several times with me and I am sure this happened with you too.
We are Living in world where we need to connect people, checking mails, receiving calls and most importantly we need to take selfie in every next hour, but we can not carry different gadgets for different needs, we can not carry, phone for call, padger for sms, computer for mail and social networking, camera for taking photos. We Just carry one smartphone which does all things for us, but did we know how much we depend on our smartphones, it is one of from our primary needs. We are using smartphones for making our life fast and easy, but we have to accept one bitter truth “Disadvantages of smartphones“. Its sad but its true.

Our most loving gadget is giving us several heart and brain Disease including Memory Lose, migraine, headache, cancer etc. Its all happening because of its radiations and its very dangerous for Human body, Mobile Inventor never thought this device will be use 24/7 by us. Mobile/Smartphones are coming into market without any safety testing.
Apart from this we also accept its effects on our wallet as well because nobody wants to carry cheaper smartphones, we have made its our status symbol and the king of all smartphones brands “Apple”. Apple’s Smartphones are very costly, we heard a news about, someone sold his Liver for buying an iPhone (I am sure he will be regret when the new iPhone Launch, because he has only one liver left), Undoubtedly we also know how much Robberies happening by youngster because for buying new and latest Smartphones.

What about your Private Information? Yes, we store all of our private and important information in our smartphones like private pics, confidential pin, credit/debit card details, websites login details and we do not want to remember any numbers all are save in our smartphones. Just think how about if your mobile stolen and all your information and details….:(. It’s such a Nightmare. That’s why we always carry our smartphone like our most important gadget.

I mentioned many disadvantages of smartphones but it doesn’t mean we are not going to use it, we just need to keep some care and we can save our self from its bad impact, Here are the some useful tips for your smartphone, it will increase your and your Smartphones life.
1. Switch off your mobile when you sleep.
2. Don’t use it when its on charging.
3. Don’t keep it close to your heart.
4. Disable the WiFi and data connection when you don’t use it.
5. Keep your mobile lock with unique password.
6. Do not throw it anywhere (its costly).
7. Don’t get too excited for new mobile launch, check it review before you buy.

Most Important, some times its good to switch off your Mobile and give the time to your Friends and Family, talk with them, enjoy with them, they are waiting for you. 🙂

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