Tips for Living Healthy Life


Hello world, Today we are living very stressful life and too much dependents on technology, We want to live our life very fast, expecting all the happiness in one moment, want to achieve all the life goals in one day and some time our this attitude make us very desperate.
We just need to adopt few positive thought in our life and we can live a happily and we can enjoy this beautiful world.

1. Sleep Well

sleep well

We often skip the sleep because just want to complete our task before the time but We must need 7-8 hours sleep in 24 hours, so we can charge ourselves for next day. Less and late sleep gives you Insomnia and dark circles under the eye.

2. Eat Fresh and Healthy Food.

fresh food

Getting late so skip the breakfast and ate the fast food on the way, need to complete an assignment and skip the lunch then ate an burger or pizza. Junk and fast foods are always bad for your health, its make you fat and gives you many health problem and destroy your immunity.
Always eat fresh and good meals like green vegetables, proper meat, egg, milk, nuts, fruits etc. Always eat slowly and properly Because you are what you eat.

3. Do not take too much stress.


Although you have responsibility of your family but you are also responsible for your health, nothing is going to be change if you worry for something too much, so why do you always worry which is never gonna be change?
Take a deep breath and take decision wisely. Be fit and Healthy because you have many responsibilities.

4. Enjoy with your friend and family.


Do you Always busy in work? do not attend any social cause? You should give some time to your well wisher, you should share you thoughts and spent a day in a week with your friends and family, you will feel relax and charged.

5. Go to outside.


Do You just go to office and return to home and repeat this everyday for months? Sometimes its good to take a break from robotic lifestyle and travel, don’t you need to go far away, you can go to any nearest hill station or somewhere where you always wanted to visit, It will make you happy and you will feel relax, Traveling and exploring the world is always good for you.

6. Never disappoint.


You are Human and you make mistakes, but never disappoint, if you think something happened bad with you, just relax, it’s just a bad day, not a bad life! Be Positive and try to not repeat same mistake again, Just learn something from your last mistake. One bad chapter doesn’t mean the end of the book.

7. Enjoy your work.

enjoy your work

You have to go to office/shop daily, you spend more than 8 hours there, you need to enjoy your work or select that work which you love most, because you can not perform well if you do not like your work or there atmosphere.

8. Switched off your gadgets.


Always busy on Facebook and whatsapp? you have thousand of Facebook friends but no real friends? spent too much time in front of electronic screen? You must need to switched off your gadgets and need to enjoy your life with your real friends and family, They love you, you just need to talk with them.

9. Daily Exercise.


You don’t need to go to gym for being fit, You just need to give 30 minutes to your self, whether in morning or evening (morning is best). You can go for morning walk and home exercise like push ups, skipping, crunches etc, Your body and Mind will be fresh, because healthy mind is in healthy body.

10. Quit alcohol and smoking.


You have to quite these bad habits, its give you enjoyment and relaxation for that moment, but its destroy your body and mind, regular drinking and smoking can give you mouth/throat cancer, its also responsible for Kidney failure and lung cancer. You have to stop drinking alcohol and smoking if you love your self and your family.

11. Laughing.


Laughing is the best medicine int the world, laughing can reduce 25% stress and it will make you feel healthy and fresh, people join laughing club for it.

This world is really beautiful world, please think out of the box and ignore the bad moments, think big. Life is really beautiful if you live right way. Happy Living!

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